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Implant & Procedure

The Future of Type II Diabetes Treatment is Here

The NobiX System is designed to treat Obesity &Type II Diabetes naturally and enhance your body’s metabolic response to digestion through a safe and advanced procedure at an affordable cost. This revolutionary procedure is immediately effective, has a short recovery period, and can be fully-reversed anytime. Patients who choose the NobiX System have experienced significant weight loss and a total reduction of Type II Diabetes symptoms in as little as 6 months.

The NobiX System

The science behind the NobiX gastro-duodenal system is remarkably simple and effective. It gives patients the support to completely transform their metabolic reaction to food and begin the recovery process towards better health.


With NobiX, a sleeve shaped implant is placed in the duodenal section of the small intestine, where it will serve as a barrier between ingested foods and the duodenum — the part of the body where the first symptoms of Type II Diabetes take place in the form of unhealthy hormone production.

To hold the gastric implant in place, a unique and patented anchor is positioned at the entry to the duodenum located inside of the stomach. After a short recovery period, patients will have no sensation of the implant and can return to their normal lifestyle and daily routine.

The Procedure

During the procedure, the patient is placed under conscious sedation to promote relaxation and minimize any discomfort. For patients at risk of complication from general anesthesia, Nobix offers a safe and natural alternative to invasive procedures such as Gastric Bypass Surgery which require the patient to be unconscious.

When the patient feels the comforting effects of sedation, an endoscope is inserted into the mouth and through the esophagus down into the stomach, where the device is deployed in the duodenum and its anchor positioned in the stomach. Afterwards, the endoscope is gently removed from the mouth and the procedure is complete.

This revolutionary procedure takes as little as 30 minutes to complete, and has an immediate effect on the metabolic processes of digestion. It involves no cuts, ablations or other surgical injuries which cause tissue damage or require healing. The NobiX System has no impact on the patient’s lifestyle, and they can return to their normal daily routines in as little as 2 days.

Each implant is designed to remain in the body for 6 months, after which period it will be removed through the very same non-invasive procedure. The implant can be replaced during a single procedure, and can be removed immediately anytime.

The Benefits of NobiX vs. Gastric Bypass Surgery

The modern medical approach to Type II Diabetes typically requires patients to use prescription drugs and undergo invasive and harmful surgical treatments to prevent further damage to their bodies and metabolic systems. Such treatments are rarely without risk and contribute greatly to morbidity and mortality rates related to surgical complications worldwide.

Because obese patients often struggle to make the lifestyle changes necessary for significant weight loss, many patients resort to medical intervention in the form of surgery to reduce weight and counter the effects of Type II Diabetes. Unfortunately, the most common surgical solution in the world, Gastric Bypass Surgery, comes with an excessive risk of side-effects and can lead to morbidity and mortality among patients. Gastric Bypass Surgery is an expensive and complicated medical procedure that involves making significant and permanent changes to the body which cannot be reversed in the case of complications.

For over 4 years, Allevetix has lead a team of researchers in the development of a noninvasive Type II Diabetes treatment that mimics the effects of Gastric Bypass Surgery without restructuring the digestive system and causing risk to the patient.

The result is the NobiX System, a revolutionary gastro-duodenal implant that modifies the patient’s metabolic response by limiting diabetic hormone reactions during digestion. It offers excellent control of hyperglycemia while reducing cardiovascular risk factors in the same way as Gastric Bypass and completely removing the risks and complications associated with surgery. Nobix also contributes greatly to weight loss and lifestyle changes over time as patients recover from Type II Diabetes & Obesity and return to a healthy and natural physiological rhythm.

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