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About Allevetix

The Nobix System is Now in Clinical Phase

Welcome to Allevetix, a global leader in innovative medical technology focusing on the treatment of metabolic diseases such as Type II Diabetes, Obesity, and NASH (Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis).

The NobiX System is a non-surgical, fully-reversible and natural treatment designed to mimic the effects of gastric bypass surgery without any need for cuts, ablations, or permanent changes to your anatomy. It consists of a safe and non-invasive implant that prevents food contact with a section of the small intestine linked to hormone abnormality in the case of metabolic diseases.

In a matter of months, NobiX has the potential to naturally reduce body weight by 20% and lower HbA1C levels by 2mm/Mol. The effects of the Nobix System begin immediately with patients feeling more energetic and less prone to symptoms of metabolic disease.

The NobiX System allows patients to recover naturally from metabolic diseases by promoting healing and balance in the duodenum through the avoidance of contact and metabolic reactions in this section of the intestinal tract. The NobiX can be removed and replaced anytime during the patient’s recovery from metabolic disease and is designed to assist patients with balancing metabolic disorders without any necessary changes to their lifestyle

Why NobiX?

NobiX is a non-surgical treatment offering the same benefits as Gastric Bypass Surgery, a surgical operation that involves rerouting the intestinal tract to avoid passage through the duodenum. gastric bypass surgery is an expensive, permanent, and non-reversible treatment that comes with the inherent risk of side-effects including morbidity and mortality.

With NobiX, patients can receive the best medical treatment for metabolic diseases available without the need for surgical changes to anatomy and the exposure to potentially life-threatening side-effects. NobiX offers a low cost solution to Type II Diabetes, Obesity, and NASH with minimal recovery times and fully-reversible treatment. The NobiX procedure is performed under conscious sedation and is the perfect solution for all types of sufferers of metabolic diseases, especially for those at risk of complication from general anesthesia.

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