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Allevetix Medical

We Treat Type II Diabetes & Obesity

NobiX - Diabetes treatment paradigm shift

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Sometimes, all the body needs is a chance to find its balance.

With the NobiX System, sufferers of Type II Diabetes & Obesity are now equipped to unlock their body’s natural and inherent ability to heal and restore balance while overcoming their metabolic condition. 

The NobiX System is designed to support and encourage the recovery of your metabolic system by stabilizing the hormonal balance in your intestinal tract, where the cycle leading to metabolic disease symptoms begins.

The NobiX gastric system is the most advanced and natural solution available for the rapid treatment of Type II Diabetes and is fully-reversible, offers a short recovery period, and helps patients avoid the complications, dangers, and side-effects of gastric bypass surgery.

Our non-aggressive metabolic correction treatment is designed to help you transform your health and change your life with a safe and quick procedure that involves no cuts or ablations. The NobiX system is a natural alternative to gastric bypass surgery and has immediate and positive effects on your metabolism.

While the human body is inherently made up of complex systems that seek to restore balance and well-being, a modern lifestyle can make it difficult for the body to return to its natural course of healing.


Allevetix Medical

Allevetix is a global leader in innovative medical technology focusing on the treatment of metabolic diseases such as Type II Diabetes, Obesity, and NASH (Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis).

The NobiX System is a non-surgical, fully-reversible and natural treatment designed to mimic the effects of gastric bypass surgery without any need for cuts, ablations, or permanent changes to your anatomy.

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